Let's start with types of website and there benefits!

There are 2 main types of website.
Static Website and Dynamic Website

Static Website These are the most basic type of website and very easy to create and are with fixed content. You do not need any programming skills to create such types of websites. They are pretty simple in design and not eye grabbing however, load time is faster.

In this post we will discuss about most popular WordPress Website and easy to use Website Builders

Let us start with building a website with WordPress and Wix as Website Builder. We will discuss Pros and Cons of them in this post. So that you get an clear idea about how they works. Later in another post we will discuss about other website builders services.

Building a Website with WordPress is very simple and easy. You do not need to hire a web-designer even to do so.

1st Buy a reliable Hosting plan which meets your requirements. Means, If you need a website just for yourself or your company profile where people will know some basic details of your company like Name, address, type of company or any job openings, where you will not get more than 100-200 daily visitors, you may continue with a starter hosting plan. However, we will not suggest you to go with a basic hosting plan just to save some few bucks, since basic plans are very limited in resources and you will end up with a very slow website. We will suggest you to go for Hosting plan with Unlimited Bandwidth, Databases, at least 1GB of physical memory and SSD storage. If you are planning to run advertisement to gain popularity of your Website or targeting more and more visitors for your online store, we will suggest you to go with a more powerful Hosting plan with added Physical Memory and optimization features to handle thousands of requests at a time without making the site slow. Please See our post: Which Hosting Plan should I chose? for detailed information.

Once you get your hosting plan. Choose a server which is nearest to the zone which you are targeting. For example if you want to build a clothing website and ship to USA only, choose a server of USA not Asia or Europe.

Once done, go to C-Panel  and you will see WordPress under applications/software section. Follow the onscreen steps and install the WordPress. Click here to know how to install WordPress step-by-step. WordPress installs with default theme, however, you can install a theme of your choice or which you have purchased. Once done Volla! Your website is up and running. You can additionally go to Settings>Reading and change the Home Page or Post page and change the look of your website.

Benefits of WordPress and you will know why it's most popular.

WordPress got thousands and thousands of Free and Premium Templates to choose from. If you can shell out some extra bucks you can buy a Premium Theme. Which actually comes entirely pre-designed pages ie your entire website. You can download and install a premium theme and chose and select a website layout which you like and download all the demo contents. You can now replace the demo contents with your own content and you will have a beautiful website in no time. Don’t get disheartened if you are not interested in shelling out additional money. You can chose a free theme instead as per your taste and create the additional pages manually. With the help of right Page builder plugins you can get beautiful and functional page layouts like premium theme. It’s not at all rocket science, you can go through the on screen steps and couple of YouTube videos and you will be just fine. However, it may consume some of your time.