Low-cost SEO steps 2021

SEO is the Most Important part to gain Ranks in Google / Bing Search


Some Important Steps of Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing website as per Search Engines, brings quality Organic Traffic.

Reliable Hosting

Content Writing

Related Keywords

Domain Authority


Optimize Website Page URLs. Related Content. Optimize Images, Title Tags, Headings, etc. Submit XML Sitemap.

SEO is about Optimizing and let google or other search engines know what is your website about and bring un-paid, organic visitors from search results. It also decreases the paid advertisement costs significantly.

You can get worldwide visitors to your website, but if they are visiting as google tells them, you’re an Apple Computer Store when you are a farmer growing Apple fruits. That’s not quality or useful traffic. It’s always better to get visitors, who are genuinely interested in your exact offering.

Some Important Steps

Some Essential Parts of Search Engine Optimization

Write Relative and Original Contents

Target Related Keywords

Google Analytics

Build Domain Authority
Page Rank

Do Follow Backlinks
No Follow Backlinks

Reputation Management

Free SEO Analysis


Why do we need SEO?

Creating a website is pretty easy now a days. But making it popular or gain attraction & trust of the visitors is the main key. That’s where SEO comes in. Now it needs to be done both on-page and off-page, to make sure Search engine giants like Google or Bing can easily crawl your website and rank it on higher position. So when someone search for relevant keywords your website should come up on top of the search results.

Steps to do SEO properly

There’s 2 way of SEO.

On-page SEO: Your website should be fast, secure, responsive, AMP ready(mobile website), you need to have original and great contents, need to use high quality optimized images, should take care of H1, H2 H3 headings, title tags, easy crawlability for search engines, anchor text, internal links etc

Off Page SEO: Get quality backlinks from other High DA websites, Avoid cheap untrusted large quantity backlinks, Build Domain Authority and Page rank to gain trust of search engines, proper keyword targeting, local seo etc.

Build Domain Authority

Building Domain Authority over time gains search engine’s trust and help you get better rank on Google or Bing. Epagecity Pvt Ltd company helps you to build Higher Domain Authority by using proper white-hat method. So that your website do not get penalized by search engines. 

Quality Website Backlinks

Though Google never directly supports or suggests backlinks to get better position but it has been seen major high rated websites do have a lot of backlinks. Now it also doesn’t mean you spend around 100$ and buy 1 Million backlinks from freelance websites like fiverr and gain top most position. Your website might get highly penalized for that reason.

Yes! backlinks are important. But from trusted sources and it has to be done manually and proper white-hat way. We help you with permanent Do-follow and no-follow backlinks, so that you can get more traffic. Also you can track them by yourself on Google Analytics.

How can we help you with SEO?

Epagecity Pvt Ltd, provides all in one monthly SEO services. Which includes both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Or you may choose from variety of individual services as per your need. 

On-page SEO includes, analyzing your website, keyword research, proper headings, title tags, submit xml sitemap, google analytics and bing webmaster etc

Off-Page SEO includes, Build domain authority, gain better page rank, do-follow/ no-follow backlinks etc

We also help you with High quality professional Content writing(one of the most important factor of 2021 google seo) as a special individual service.

SEO Pricing

Choose from our On-Page/Off-Page SEO or All in one service to gain a better position on Google/Bing search results. Epagecity Pvt Ltd provides highly professional services while charging the least amount. For custom or specific SEO services, kindly contact our live chat support team for a free quote.

On-Page SEO

Optimizing Website for more visibility
$ 299
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Headings
  • Header Tags H1-H6
  • Keyword Research
  • Submit XML Sitemap
  • Analytics, Webmaster, Search Console
  • Setup anchor text and alt-text

Off-Page SEO

Gain better position on search result
$ 499
  • Gov, Edu, High DA manual Backlink profile
  • Build Domain Authority
  • Local Citation with NAP
  • Manual Directory Submission
  • Fix broken links and 404 errors
  • Engaging top Social Media
  • Google My Business
  • Secret SEO technique to gain page rank

All in One SEO

Complete SEO services for your website
$ 649
  • 50 Gov, Edu,High DA manual Backlinks
  • Build Domain Authority min 40
  • 50 Live local citation with NAP
  • 50 Manual Directory Submission
  • Daily 200 Organic Visitors flow for SERP
  • All of On-Page / Off-Page SEO services
  • Write 10 posts to top Social Media websites
  • Secret SEO to gain better position.