Epagecity Pvt Ltd | Terms & Conditions

1. Purpose:

These Terms & Conditions(T&C) represent the basis of a contract between you, or the entity on whose behalf you are executing this agreement (“you” or “your”), and Epagecity Private Limited (“e-pagecity.com”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). By corresponding with us, browsing our web properties, or using our Services you accept these T&Cs and you agree to abide by the then-current version of these T&C, our Acceptable Use Policy, our Support Policy, our Refund & Policy, and our Privacy Policy, each of which is integrated into the T&C. These T&C may be modified from time-to-time by us and, by continuing to use our Services, you agree to be bound by the modifications. The most recent version of our Terms & Conditions can be found below.

2. Services:

Epagecity Pvt Ltd provides a number of services to its customers, which are collectively referred to in these T&C as the “Services”. Regardless of whether you pay for a Service or it is provided as part of a package, as a standalone full price or discounted service or for free, any Service you request or allow to be provided by Epagecity Pvt Ltd is included as part of the “Services” we refer to in these T&C and the other Policies. Certain Services may also be provided by third parties and their terms of service or use that may contain additional or different terms will also apply to your use of such Services. We may change the specifications or details of the Services at any time but we have no obligation to change the Services. Additionally, the third parties we contract with to provide Services may change their offering at any time, including between the time of purchase and the date the Services are delivered. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to inform you of changes to the Services.

a. Faqs: Additional information on our Services, including those listed below, can be found in our faqs section, located at: https://e-pagecity.com/faqs/

b. Offered Services: Epagecity Pvt Ltd offers several different services, including but not limited to those listed below. These T&C and our Policies apply to all Services, whether or not listed below.

i. Web Design/website design is performed on different software platforms for example developers-friendly WordPress, or more simplified solutions like Shopify, Wix, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Squarespace, etc, or complete static HTML website development.

ii. Website development or web development services are including but not limited to: Website optimization, PHP development, making website responsive or mobile-friendly, AMP feature, writing/editing/fixing HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, bootstrap Framework, PHP, Python codes, Mysql Database, etc

iii. Fix Website vulnerability and implement Corporate grade Web Security to protect your Data from hackers, remove viruses/malware/backdoors from source codes, etc. We always try to provide best-in-class security for your website. However we are not liable for any loss of Data breach or hack if your hosting account is compromised, someone else has your login information, your local system is compromised, use of pirated themes or plugins, no routine check-up or scan, etc but not limited to.

iv. Website Support is available for free of cost for a limited amount of time mentioned in the purchased services or can be subscribed separately for an amount of money. Website Support is available 24/7 via live chat and Email. Phone support is available only for existing customers and is limited to 9.00 am to 6.00 pm as per the States of California(USA) or GMT-7. Website support is available but not limited to Website design, SEO, theme, plugins, font issues, fixing source codes, Page loading time, 404 errors, broken links, image optimization, keyword research, optimize AdWords, Microsoft ads, etc

v. Search engine optimization services are categorized into On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO services are provided by solely Epagecity Pvt Ltd company and liable to T&C. Off-Page SEO services are including but not limited to Submit to search engines, google analytics, search console setup and tracking, building Domain Authority, creating manual Backlinks, Local Citation, Directory Submission, Google My Business (GMB) Profile optimization, Optimize Google Maps, post-professional content on social media, build Brand awareness, guests post, blog posts, etc. Some Off-page SEO services are provided by third parties and you may liable to their terms and conditions.

vi. Social media services are following but not limited to building professional Social media profile/page, create brand awareness, engaging local market or interest-based targeting, regular top quality posts with appropriate (#) hashtags, location, time, zone, interests, write professional articles, managing and optimizing social media advertisement, etc.

vii. Digital marketing or Online marketing services provide by Epagecity Pvt Ltd company are including but not limited to email marketing, creating and optimizing Google AdWords or Microsoft Advertisement account, Display ads, interest-based ads, local ads, pop-up ads, Facebook advertisement, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads, mobile-desktop notifications, etc. We are not a direct partner of Google or Microsoft or other advertisement networks. We are responsible for optimizing the performance of those advertisement platforms on behalf of you/your company/clients. Terms and conditions and usage policies of those advertisement networks apply to you/your company/clients. For any Refund, dispute, or other legal issues you may need to contact those companies directly or liable to their policies. 

3. Access:

You will not have any physical access to our local server where we store your data temporarily while building your website. Once our job is done, we make the website live and remove all data from our local servers unless requested. You are responsible for your Data once the website is live and everything is uploaded to your hosting account. For any data loss after your website is live you need to contact your hosting service provider.

4. Account


You may be subject to a background check and screening for potential fraud. All accurate information must be supplied for purposes of this screening.
Furthermore, before using our services, you represent and warrant to e-pagecity.com that: (i) you have the experience and knowledge necessary to use our Services; (ii) you understand the risks inherent to you, your business, and your person, which may come from using the Services in particular and doing business on the Internet; (iii) you may need to provide us with material to be implemented by us to provide the Services.

ii. Account information: You are required to provide us with the most accurate information when setting up your account with us. You must need to keep this information, including your email address, phone number up to date and active during our relationship. We may need to communicate with you via email regarding purchased/subscribed services from time to time.

We are not responsible or liable for any interruptions in the Services, or damages of any sort of email communications that are misdirected or blocked by a third party application, including as a result of your negligence to maintain an updated account and contact information or for circumstances which are beyond our control.

iii. Account Security: All actions are taken with, by, or under your account credentials, whether by you or others, are your responsibility. You are responsible for all account access, passwords, and other security precautions. Epagecity Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any damages incurred as a result of unauthorized account access or use, whether direct or indirect.

iv. Support Policy: In addition to the T&C of the Support Policy, you shall be accountable for all approved acts made by our support professionals using your login credentials while providing support or services. You should make a backup of your data before contacting help.

You agree to allow Epagecity Pvt Ltd access to your accounts for the purpose of troubleshooting technical problems with the website or server or providing web design/web development/SEO services, as well as to ensure compliance with all of our T&Cs. We also run automated data scans for security reasons from time to time, and we reserve the right to change permissions, modify files, and quarantine files that are deemed dangerous or malicious in nature.

5. Money Back Guarantee:

30 Days Money back guarantee or refund policy applies only to fresh website design or re-design services. If you are not happy with our Design or we fail to complete the work on promised time, you may request a refund and we will return the exact amount which you have paid to us (we are not responsible for any amount deduction for currency exchange).

6. Payment Methods & Accepted Currencies:

Epagecity Private limited accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diner’s Club, PayPal, Bank transfers (USA, UK, India), UPI, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. For wire transfer information, please check the invoice or ask the support team.


Epagecity Private Limited.

340(COL), Uttam Sharma Sharani,

Pragati Road, Nayapara, Dharmanagar, Tripura

India 799250

Website: https://e-pagecity.com/